"With LOFT I wanted to create something new. A place where frames amaze and surprise you.


Tom Buysse I Founder LOFT

Tom was born 26 years ago among glasses. It must have been in the genes. Growing up surrounded by frames and sunglasses, he became fascinated by the small world of opticians. He then started travelling abroad in search of inspiration. In Paris and Milan he met for the first time designers and creatives and since then he decided to start something new.


In 2016 he created LOFT. And he decided to do that in Ghent, a lovely and innovative city in the heart of Belgium.




If you come to LOFT, we will invite you to sit and relax at our handmade wood table. We will show you what's new, what matches your character and complements your feeling. At LOFT you can find different styles and let yourself go on a journey through the French, Japanese, German and American latest trends.


You will also find a unique selection of cheerful glasses for children.


We look for innovation, but also for a frame that fits you perfectly. Our collections are innovative, and our team knows them through and through. We can not wait to show you what we are capable of. So pop in and enjoy our great enthusiasm!


Originality and identity, without any concession in quality.