Our Collection

When you buy glasses at LOFT, you can be sure of an original and handmade design.

Tom, Lisa and Carolien share one big passion: unique, handmade and original glasses.

With an eye for detail, and without any compromise in quality.

​​"People are often apprehensive about buying an artistic pair of glasses because they believe they will get tired of it.

The truth is if you buy something rather boring, you will soon feel the need to replace it with something new and interesting."

Discover our beautiful and handmade collection.

 The result of 3 years searching for inspiration and design

from every corner of the world.

We are constantly looking for innovation in form and color.

Characterful and handmade frames fill both our optical and sunglasses collection.

It is an unique selection without any compromise in quality.

"Never underestimate the power of perfect glasses."

For those who are looking for cheerful frames with a French playful approach,

 exceptionally successful Berlin minimalism

or to the very finely detailed Japanese handicrafts?

Than you have come to the right place.

A collection that you rarely encounter in Europe.

Pure indulgence for eyeglass wearers who are looking for innovation.

Together we look for the perfect frame for the customer, which is complementary

with your personality and will amplify character details.

The designs are creative, original and colorful, but they are mainly objects

that combine the ergonomics and style of the customer.

Details that reinforce the lines of your face. Shapes and colors that perfectly suit you.

With us you will find a frame that will slowly grow on you, which you will love,

and never want to say goodbye again.

City urban Chic Eyewear.

Modern & Young, with the right amount of extravaganza.